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Registering: Registration is free for all users. For any new entry to be entered into the matrimonial database it may take anywhere between 10 days to a month. Registration is free for all users. However, for premium entries, the profile is entered into the main database immediately.
Others contacting you: Only premium members can contact you. All users can contact you.
Contacting Other Users:: Cannot contact all users. Can contact only premium member profiles.  Can contact all users (premium users and free users). All correspondence involving premium members are given a much higher priority.
Search results:: Searches will show your entry. Search results will display premium entries in a special section above the general results on every page of matching searches.
Membership FEES: Free. FULL Membership fees: Rs.500/- or $15 (US Dollars : only paypal payment for dollar amount).
Account will be valid for 2 years.

TRIAL Membership fees:  Rs. 200/- .
Account will be active only for 15 days after activation. Can be converted to FULL Membership after paying remaining fees (Rs.300/-).


Membership details for matrimonial section

  Become a premium member of the Sylheti Matrimonial Section and enjoy these premium facilities:

1) Contact as many registrants you wish.

2) Get your profile on the top of all matching search result pages of the Matrimonial Section.  This will give your profile a much much better visibility.  We have entries from sylhetis from all over the world, from Silchar to Bangalore to London to Bangladesh !!  This is the first and most popular SYLHETI matrimonial site in the world !!!

3) The section will get updated with newer and newer entries every month and being a FULL premium member for 2 years helps to find the most suitable soulmate.
However you can get a TRIAL membership for 15 days and use the service for a short period of time.

NEW 4) If your entry is premium, all users (even non-premium users) can contact you. This will allow EVERYONE to contact your profile.

>> To become a premium member, you need to pay a fee of Rs.500/- or $15 (US Dollar: payment by paypal only).
>> This fee will allow you a membership period of 2 years.

Please note your account will be enabled only after we receive the fees and you will get an email when your account is activated. 

>> Once you become a member, you will be issued a premium Member ID and a membership password which you have to use to contact the registrants.
>> Membership cannot be transferred or shared. You can associate your membership with an email id and have to use this email id for all contacts. Use of the same id by multiple users will lead to termination of membership.
>> Even being a paid member will NOT entitle you to contact users for other than matrimonial purpose.

PLEASE CONTACT MORE DETAILS (click here to contact)

The FULL MEMBERSHIP fees (Rs.500/-) needs to be paid as a demand draft (DD) paid to "" preferably payable at "United Bank of India, Silchar".

Please contact to get the address to which to send the draft. Click here to contact

This is the procedure:
1) You contact us for the address to send the payment.
2) We send you the payment address.
3) You send us the payment by bank draft to the address by POSTAL MAIL only. PLEASE DO NOT drop in at the address just to deliver the draft personally. We would like to discourage people dropping in and asking for modifications to their profiles etc. All correspondence should be done through email, either through the CCONTACT-US form or by mail to admin AT And the draft MUST be sent by postal mail only.
4) Once you have mailed the payment, please send an email to us, either through the CONTACT-US form or at the email address admin AT (replace AT with @ ).
5) When the payment is received, we will mail you the confirmation and ask for your final modifications, if any. We would like you to add your photo, make final modifications because once an entry becomes premium, it gets most visits in the first few weeks.
6) Once we get your reply, we will make your entry premium and mail you the premium password and id.

IF YOU ARE IN US or in BANGALORE, you can contact for faster processing of payment and account activation.
(click here to contact

Please mention your name and email id along with your payment.

You can use money to India services to pay from abroad.

If you cannot afford to pay the fees due to financial reasons, feel free to contact for being considered for a free account.

Please note that has been online for past 5 years and this is the first time we are charging fees for anything. We think the kind of maintenance required for the matrimonial section needs money and time and moreover making it a paid service helps weed out people who abuse the service and bring in users who are genuinely interested in the service.

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