Airtel Call Home is a new service from Air Tel India for calling India from USA.The calling rates are just 7.9 cents and one can call from both cellphone or landline. Like any other good service, you can call pinless, ie when you call the toll free number from a registered phone, you do not need to dial the pin number.

Real experience: We signed up for Airtel Call Home plan. But we were not at all happy with their website's usability. Firstly the site was terribly slow. They are using ajax (they update their pages internally without going to a new url, like gmail etc) but for a secure site we cannot tell whether they are internally calling a secure page or insecure one. And the site being soooo slow actually confuses us whether the request is being processed or it failed. Imagine .. after submitting the credit card info, we waited and waited. We would not add the primary phone number from the website. And we called the customer support, IT WAS BUSY !! Probably they cannot handle the huge load.
Call quality wise, it was good but the initial prompt was lengthly. Overall if things improve maybe its a good alternative.

Recharges can be done online and till Jan 7th 2007, if you sign up and recharge, you get double the minutes for the same time. Thats a cool rate. But ensure that you check the service first before putting in a lot of money into your account just to get double the minutes.

With Airtel ( Bharti telecom ) also playing in the calling India field, its good for Indians staying abroad. This competition will help bring down the price with better competition. Reliance India Call Calling Plan is a good service but they charge 13 cents ... and with airtel offering the service at 8cents,soon reliance will be under pressure to reduce the rates :) !!

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