Call India Calling cards phone cards for international long distance calling are available on the internet. Online pins are faster, cheaper economical and simpler. Cheap calling cards to india, pakistan, bangladesh, nepal and other countries of the Indian subcontinent are very popular and available all over. These days you get special city cards for Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and these work out much cheaper than all India cards. For cities in Pakistan or Bangladesh these options are also cheap.

Popular and reliable India Calling Card websites are ,, (related to letsdial) , . Avoid using other websites. When you buy a card online you provide your credit card and address and phone number and these information should not be entrusted to every new websites.

While choosing a calling card these factors matter most:
1)  Where are you calling? If you are calling a major city prefer the city cards. But again most of the city calls go over the internet and voice quality is pathetic in lot of cases.
2)  How frequent and how long are your calls? Lot of phone cards have:
connection charges: for every call they deduct a fee.

next day charge:  they charge a fee the immediate day after you purchase the calling card.
weekly monthly charge : every week they deduct a fee . Some do that monthly.
minute rounding: this is important. Lot of cards have 3 minute rounding or 6 minute rounding.
Minute rounding tricks for India phone cards

Reliance India Call
Call India reliablly at 13 cents. Cell phone mobile phone same rate. Check listing 1 below.
LetsDial and 9278.
Sister sites.  Cheap calling cards. City phone cards. Lots of phone cards . USA, Canada, Latin America, India, Pakistan etc. Check listing 2 below.
Raza Phone Cards
Some real good calling cards. Rechargable pins. City cards. Good customer service. Check listing 3 below.

Of late relianceindiacall  have become very popular ( they started off with 12 cents and now they charge 13 cents per minute). The call quality is very good and minute calculations are trustworthy. But if you call say Bangalore, you can talk at 1/3rd the cost using cards from or . You can try raza too !! And now Airtel call home India phone cards are avaiable at only 8cents a min !!!

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Avoid guys like (un) and (they do not even have a toll free customer support number)

listing 1:

Flat rate to all over India (so good for small city callers). Same low rate for mobile cell phones , from and to.

listing 2: and : These two sister sites cover almost every place in the world you want to call and every price range you want to pay. Eg. Bangalore calling cards are 4 cents a minute with 3 minute rounding and no weekly or monthly charge. And if you want reliable call quality you can use cards at 20 cents and they are real good.

listing 3: : Provides rechargeable phone cards, pinless service and some good cards.

So have fun !!

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