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Reliance India Call Caling cards are the best .. well among the top few genuine ones. Whenever you call india using a calling card, phone card, the calling card companies try to steal as many minutes as they can. This page talks about how the real calculations are made on most calling cards. So next time you call India or your country, use these tricks ..

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India call tricks : Be careful, Calling cards phone cards for international long distance calling employ this trick to cheat you.

And this applies to most India calling cards for all india cards, Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Lahore, Karachi city cards too . What these phone cards or calling cards have is a rounding mechanism which will fool anyone and especially the ones who are too careful about the minutes.

minute rounding:  Lot of cards have 3 minute rounding or 6 minute rounding. This means that if you have a 6 min rounding card and you call for 2 minutes, they will deduct 6 mins from your phone card. Its no point using a stop watch to calculate and in the end in such schemes, it will act in their favour if you do so :) . Most cards employ this sleak trick.. say for 3 minute rounding they have something like 1+3 minutes rounding. If you end your call in 2 mins, you will lose 2mins !! Say your card has 30 mins. They will divide it into blocks of 3 mins each. Now 1+3 mins rounding means they will deduct 1 minute first and then will deduct in blocks of 3 mins.So if you have spoken for 2 mins, the first block is 1 min, next you have 29 mins , divided into 9 blocks and you have already eaten into the second block. So you lose that block. So now your time remaining is 8 blocks which is 24 mins. So you end up using 6 mins for a 2 min call !!!

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Reliance India Call Calling card Review

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