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Hindi MP3 Downloads and hindi or bollywood music is available all over the internet.

Always check the legality before you proceed. It would have awesome if itunes a better collection of hindi songs download or hindi mp3.

If you need to play mp3s just from your computer, you may be ok with 3-5 mb songs but if you need higher quality songs (CD quality) you can get songs encoded at a bitrate of more than 100kbps to more than 200 kbps. Trust me the quality of such hindi mp3 downloads is much much better. Anyway, this is not valid just for Hindi mp3s but also for tamil mp3 downloads, telegu mp3 downloads .. for that matter all mp3 music. Please spend some time on the legality on this and most of the websites allowing such hindi mp3 downloads do not talk about how legal are they. So check it out before you download.

Hindi Mp3, Hindi Music and India Music is available all over the internet. If you want to listen to the music online, the best sites to visit are the ones that play rela audio music. Smashits.com and Raaga.com are the best. You get almost every Hindi song you would like to hear. Both these sites have lot of popups. Best is to download a program called NoAds (try google) , the url for download is : www.southbaypc.com/NoAds/ . You can select which popups to block and for these sites the software is perfect. And yes its free !

If you have an mp3 player or would like to play hindi music offline, you need to download hindi mp3s or songs from the internet.

Sad but true, there is not a single decent website which allows download of hindi music ie mp3, possible because most of them do not have the right.

If you are downloading hindi music into your mp3 player, try converting to the wma format as it shrinks the size by 1/3rd.

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Hindi Mp3 Download and Hindi Music

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Download Hindi Mp3 and Hindi Music
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So have a great time downloading and playing hindi music... and always go for ones more than 8MB ... Hindi songs and Bollywood music are much longer in duration so a usual 3mb song will not be good in quality. We will update this page when we have more info.
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