Reliance India Call USA, UK and Canada is the best calling card that is available for calling India from USA, UK or Canada. Reliance India Call has very clear voice quality, no dropped calls and a flat rate calling to India no matter if you are calling from a cell phone or a land line. If you are calling to any reliance india phone the rate is 1 cent less per minute. Reliance India Call charges you around 13 cents per minutes from US, 14 cents per minute from Canada and 8p per minute from UK (land line access only). Prepaid accounts need to be charged on increments of $5 ... and yes you have to pay tax on the amount (US and Canada). So this increases the call rates too. But atleast you do not have to pay credit card processing fees for amount lower than $20 like other calling cards.


Reliance India Call
Reliable calling plan. Pinless. 13 cents. No hidden fees. Great calling quality. Check listing 1 below.
LetsDial and 9278.
Sister sites.  Very cheap plans.  USA, Canada, Latin America, India, Pakistan etc. Check listing 2.
Raza Phone Cards
Good calling cards. Rechargable pins. City cards. Good customer service. Check listing 3 below.

When Reliance India Call started off the call quality was excellent, and one could connect always ! But with time the quality is becoming worser and worser day by day. But this is still the best around. LetsDial and 9278 and Raza are the other competitors. And if you are calling a big Indian city, you will get much lower rates from Raza, letsdial and 9278. For example you can call Bangalore or Mumbai or Chennai or New Delhi at rates less than 5 cents per minute. But lot of these cards from the other companies have hidden charges and lost minutes. You pay more with reliance but get the peace of mind and simple recharges and pinless dial.

 And the best thing about Reliance India Call calling card is that the minutes never expire. Recharging is so easy and quick that it is done in a few seconds online. You can also view the usage details, Reliance India Call website has an option of viewing the History, so that user can track the duration of call and the numbers to which the calls were placed.

With Airtel Call Home India service offering at only 8cents a minutes , reliance will be under pressure to lower the rates.

Listing 3: website is at
Listing 2: Letsdial and 9278 websites are at and
Listing 1: Reliance India Call website is at

Looking for City Calling plans : India calling card. Phone Cards Bangalore Chennai Mumbai etc

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