Since it started in 1999, has been fortunate to have a long list of well-wishers. The list of well-wishers is long but here I attempt to list some of the efforts for which is thankful to. Please let me know if I have missed anything.

     (not in any particular order)

Himadri (hrc): updated the weekly silchar news for a long long time (more than a year).

Subhodeep De: Developed the scripts for the matrimonial section.

Chandan Deb: updated local weekly news. Contributed photographs for the photo section.

Shankar Chakraborty: Contributing in a BIG way regularly to World News section on

TaarCheera (Nabarun): World news contributor. SNN member. Well-wisher.

Chandana Purkayastha (CMC): Updated news from Silchar newspapers regularly for a long time.

Rupam Das: Composed the popular online Sylheti dictionary from the Mahaadda posts.

Arindam Aditya (Aditya Communications): Helped promote to local users in Silchar. will no more accept donations. A big THANK YOU to the donors .. Himadri, Silcharor_Maiya, PaulBabu, Subhrajyoti Paul, Omrita Bhattacharjee and Shankar Chakraborty.

How you can help:

the SILCHAR NEWS NETWORK at needs volunteers. Join the SNN team as a team member or a category editor. Contact for more info.