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In my first few years of my professional life I was spending four to five hours a day religiously browsing the net, trying to figure out all the finer aspects of web and web programming ... And soon I realised how important a domain name is .. is the first site you would go to for finding information on birds and no matter however good a site is , very few give it a serious look if you have a URL like and I really felt bad when I found that and takes us to a US based free email site ... takes us to a site which says "act as a broker and agency in the sale of cyberspace assets .. buy this site" .. might be because we were always much behind US as far as technology is concerned .. then suddenly a suprising fear gripped me for the next few minutes when I checked up with the internic to find if the domain is still unreserved ... Thank God , we are from a small town .. thank god we can have our .. ( well frankly the fact that will be a great domain to own also influenced my decision to get it as promptly as possible ...) I remember recieving mails from some , this person seems to have visited Silchar some thiry years back and seems to have fallen in love with the place .. ( for reasons known to him ) .. he wanted to come to silchar , know more of it .. I tried helping him out .. but he had more to ask then I could answer ... at that time we had an informative page of Sayaan(da) to which I had also provided a link from one of my sites ... and I remember receiving a mail thanking me for sayaan(da)'s and my contribution to bringing silchar on the net .. I knew I didnot deserve that , not a word of it ... and then thought why not take up the work and put Silchar much higher up the cyberspace .. with a more professional touch ... and so the work began .. It took me some six months to collect the information, get the scripts working , get the domain and the host , and get up and working .. and being a one man team it was tough .. and at that time, being in Bangalore , some thousands of kilometers away made it all the more difficult to collect information about Silchar . Thanks to my mom and dad for all the help they have done .. the information they sent .. Silchar is not a place about which you can know by buying a book from the market and not a tourist place whose photographs can be found on the net or purchased as postcards .. my mother, she went round Silchar taking snaps of all places of which this small town can be proud of ..

As for me , I am Premasish Deb ( John : Link Road Lane-7). Done my schooling from Holy Cross(1992), college from G . C College(1994) , Btech(1998) in computers from REC Warangal and atpresent I am in BayArea, California(US) working for a networking company ... happy browsing and yes .. do come back ...
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