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Silchar : From the History Records

History of Polo 
In the 1850ís British tea planters discovered the game in Manipur (Munipoor) on the Burmese border with India. The first polo club in the world was formed by them at Silchar, west of Manipur. Other clubs followed and, today, the  oldest in the world is the Calcutta Club, founded in1862. 

Report on the Eastern frontier of the British India.
" In the year 1830 the Rajah , Govindachundruh , was assasinated and there being no descendent either lineal or adopted , the country was annexed to the British territories , by proclamation on the 14th of August 1832 , incompliance with the frequent and earnestly expressed wishes of the people."

Cachar district records 
"the management of the affairs of the district was entrusted after annexation , to Lieutenant Fisher ,an officer of approved ability and great local experience. for some months Cachar continued to be administrered from Cherrapunji , the head quarters of the Agent to the Governor General , but in consideration of practical difficulties early in 1833 Fisher had his head quarters at Dudputli which however were soon shifted to Silchar for the sake of convenience."


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