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Silchar : People and Economy

Silchar is a land of Bengalis contributing to more than 80% of the 1.45 lakhs population . Most people speak Sylhetti, a dialect of Bengali. The Silchar calender year is full of festivals .. the most awaited being the Durga Puja celebrated around October ( click here for a detailed durga puja story) . Another important occasion is the Gandhi Mela
( click here for Gandhi mela in Silchar) , a local fair. Local cultural and sports clubs like Jyoti , Town Club , Cachar Club , Dishari , Bhabhikal , Shanto Sena give the town the much needed cultural relief . 
    Silcharites are mostly rice-eating people and most of the 
people living in the outskirts rely on farming and tea cultivation. The river Barak (click here to know more of the Barak river) is the lifeline of Silchar . The Silchar region has 125 Tea gardens and many of them producing the best tea in the country .  Tea , oil and natural gas , bamboo , cane , rice .. are the major contributors to Silchars economy. 

(click for a note on origin of sylhettis )

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